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StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2: Roadmap

StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2: Innovative Solutions for Supply Chain Data

Are you ready to shape the future of supply chain data? The StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2 is officially open for submissions. This initiative, led by Census Open Innovation Labs, is on a mission to transform how we perceive and utilize supply chain data to ensure the U.S. Census Bureau receives the most accurate […]

Economic Surveys Reveal Decline in Supply Delays Post COVID-19 Peak, Attributed to Inflation

Supply Chain Challenges, Inflation Impact, Economic Surveys

Economic Surveys Reveal Decline in Supply Delays. The challenges posed by the volatile and intricate nature of the Covid-19 pandemic were manifold for businesses. However, two challenges stood out prominently: supply chain disruptions and the surging inflation, which began to rise in the spring of 2021, quickly gaining status as a primary economic concern. As […]

Navigating the Road to Recovery: A Look at Truckers’ Journey Ahead, According to FTR

Illustration showcasing a highway with the title 'Navigating the Road to Recovery: Insights into Trucking Market Trends' representing the trucking industry trends discussed in the article

Latest Trucking Industry Trends: The trucking industry is facing a nuanced landscape, painting a picture of a market with both challenges and a gradual path towards improvement. Avery Vise, the Vice President of Trucking at FTR, provided insights into the industry’s freight market outlook during the company’s annual conference. In this article, we delve into […]