StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2: Roadmap

StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2: Innovative Solutions for Supply Chain Data

Are you ready to shape the future of supply chain data? The StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2 is officially open for submissions.

This initiative, led by Census Open Innovation Labs, is on a mission to transform how we perceive and utilize supply chain data to ensure the U.S. Census Bureau receives the most accurate and comprehensive information.

Unveiling the Challenge

The Supply Chain Challenge calls for groundbreaking ideas that can revolutionize how we measure and understand supply chains. This encompasses various facets such as manufacturing, imports, exports, and transportation.

Given the rapid evolution of e-commerce, logistics processes, and data streams, there’s a pressing need to explore fresh data sources and innovative measurement techniques. The ultimate goal is to offer timely, granular, and robust data that delves into our nation’s transportation and supply chain infrastructure.

Three Phases, Countless Opportunities

  1. Concept (Phase 1): This phase, now successfully completed, involved proposing ingenious ideas to enhance or provide new U.S. Census Bureau supply chain data. Exceptional ideas were rewarded with $10,000 and an invitation to participate in Phase 2.
  2. Roadmap (Phase 2): The spotlight is now on Phase 2! Innovators are challenged to craft detailed implementation roadmaps that showcase feasibility, a clear roadmap, and a compelling value proposition for the Census Bureau. Up to $350,000 in prizes await the winners, along with an exclusive invitation to the Phase 3 cohort.
  3. Test (Phase 3): A glimpse into the future! Phase 3 will focus on testing the winning roadmaps to generate real data. This phase also offers financial prizes and the potential for the Census Bureau’s adoption.

How to Engage in Phase 2

In Phase 2, participants are encouraged to submit their roadmap for implementing a new supply chain data solution or significantly enhancing existing data.

The roadmap should outline the execution plan, timeline, the team’s role, and the value it brings to the table. Stay informed through optional but enlightening cohort sessions covering legal considerations, privacy/disclosure, and understanding the ROI for the Census Bureau.

Submission Period

The submission period commences on 10/13/23 at 09:01 AM PKT. This is your chance to contribute to a lasting transformation in the future of supply chain data.

Join the Innovation Journey!

If you are passionate about driving change and possess groundbreaking ideas, the StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge is the perfect platform. Compete, innovate, and be a part of the movement that’s set to revolutionize supply chain data!

Learn more and submit your roadmap here.

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