Close Call: Reckless Pickup Driver Narrowly Avoids Collision With Trucker

In a dramatic dash cam video, a vigilant truck driver successfully averts a potential disaster when a pickup truck attempts an illegal U-turn to escape a traffic jam.

The heart-pounding incident unfolded on WA-18 West, just as the road entered the metropolitan area to the south of Seattle. The trucker who captured the close call explained, “It could have been a disastrous morning if I hadn’t remained vigilant.”

Viewers of the video shared their thoughts, with one person suggesting, “You need a louder air horn!”

The filming driver acknowledged this advice, saying, “You’re right; I should have thought of that, but I was entirely focused on stopping.”

Another commentator emphasized the dangers, stating, “No way would I drive a semi that fast in heavy traffic without a road divider. It’s an accident waiting to happen, just like the near-miss you had. Regardless of who’s at fault, speed and conditions don’t mix well.”