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Share Your Winter Driving Experiences on I-90 and I-94: States Seek Input from Truckers

Winter travel on some of the nation’s busiest freight routes, Interstates 90 and 94, can be a daunting challenge. Snow, ice, and relentless winds often converge, creating treacherous conditions for truckers navigating through northern states such as Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. Now, the Departments of Transportation in these states want to […]

Close Call: Reckless Pickup Driver Narrowly Avoids Collision With Trucker

In a dramatic dash cam video, a vigilant truck driver successfully averts a potential disaster when a pickup truck attempts an illegal U-turn to escape a traffic jam. The heart-pounding incident unfolded on WA-18 West, just as the road entered the metropolitan area to the south of Seattle. The trucker who captured the close call […]

Man Awarded $6.1 Million in Crash, Trucker Claims Brakes Failed After Repair

A man injured in a Wyoming semi-truck accident in 2019 received a multi-million-dollar award this week. However, the truck driver involved asserts that the big rig’s brakes failed shortly after leaving the repair shop where they were serviced. On November 2, a jury in Natrona County granted Nicholas Skalicky $6.1 million in damages following a […]

StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2: Roadmap

StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2: Innovative Solutions for Supply Chain Data

Are you ready to shape the future of supply chain data? The StatVentures Supply Chain Challenge Phase 2 is officially open for submissions. This initiative, led by Census Open Innovation Labs, is on a mission to transform how we perceive and utilize supply chain data to ensure the U.S. Census Bureau receives the most accurate […]

Economic Surveys Reveal Decline in Supply Delays Post COVID-19 Peak, Attributed to Inflation

Supply Chain Challenges, Inflation Impact, Economic Surveys

Economic Surveys Reveal Decline in Supply Delays. The challenges posed by the volatile and intricate nature of the Covid-19 pandemic were manifold for businesses. However, two challenges stood out prominently: supply chain disruptions and the surging inflation, which began to rise in the spring of 2021, quickly gaining status as a primary economic concern. As […]

Navigating the Road to Recovery: A Look at Truckers’ Journey Ahead, According to FTR

Illustration showcasing a highway with the title 'Navigating the Road to Recovery: Insights into Trucking Market Trends' representing the trucking industry trends discussed in the article

Latest Trucking Industry Trends: The trucking industry is facing a nuanced landscape, painting a picture of a market with both challenges and a gradual path towards improvement. Avery Vise, the Vice President of Trucking at FTR, provided insights into the industry’s freight market outlook during the company’s annual conference. In this article, we delve into […]

California Governor Veto Autonomous Truck Driver Requirement

California Governor Veto Autonomous Truck Driver Requirement. Governor Gavin Newsom recently rejected a bill mandating a human driver in autonomous trucks weighing over 10,000 lbs. on the state’s highways. This move is being perceived as a win for the autonomous vehicle industry, primarily located in California, and a setback for the Teamsters union, which had […]

Self-Driving Trucks Accelerate into the Future

Self-driving truck navigating the highway

The integration of human expertise with autonomous technology is revolutionizing the freight industry, promising expedited, cost-effective, and efficient transportation of goods. A prime example of this potential is illustrated in a recent journey from Nogales, Arizona, to Oklahoma City spanning over 900 miles (1,450 km). Traditionally, a trip of this magnitude would require approximately 24 […]

Outsmarting Your Peers in the USA Trucking Industry: A Guide for Owner-Operators

In the highly competitive landscape of the USA trucking industry, owner-operators need more than just skills behind the wheel to succeed. This comprehensive guide unveils effective strategies and insights to stay ahead of the game. 1. Leverage Advanced Technology for Efficiency and Productivity Incorporating technology into your operations can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity. Invest […]

Mastering Trucking FMCSA Regulations and Compliance Guidelines: Your Comprehensive Guide for Expert Insight and Success

FMCSA Regulations and Compliance Regulations Overview

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA Regulations and Compliance on Hours of Service & ELDs A. Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations One of the fundamental FMCSA Regulations and Compliance is the Hours of Service (HOS) rule.This rule defines the maximum amount of time a driver can operate a commercial motor vehicle.HOS regulations aim to prevent […]